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Koh Lanta

Welcome back! Last week I wrote about our brief Bangkok experience, and this week I`ll tell you about our last leg of the Thailand trip. I left you in a cliffhanger just when we were about to depart the Krabi bus terminal. We did fend off the swarms of hustlers trying to overcharge us for the ride to Koh Lanta,…

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I’ll pick up where I left off in the previous article and that’s at the Thailand – Cambodia border. The morning we had to leave Cambodia for our next destination, we met our driver at 8AM in front of our hotel, we took the water bottles the owner prepared for us and we were on our way to Bangkok! 3.5…

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Hello everyone,

I know I haven’t written in a long time but honestly I had nothing interesting to share with the world. And with the whole social media (Facebook, Google+) getting easier to use, I didn’t know how exactly to take advantage of this ancient technology called … a blog.

My first 6 months in China ended in August 2012, and we didn’t get enough time for traveling so we decided to bite the bullet and sign a new contract with our architecture firms just to get to see a bit of south-east Asia.

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ThinkSound MS-01

So after the first 3 minutes of amazement I tried to take it slower and a little more objectively. So I opened out iTunes and selected at random 5 of the most played songs of all time (actually, since I installed iTunes on this computer) and (of course) the whole Mothership album from Led Zeppelin.

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Shanghai – Week 13

My project got the vote to go on to the next stage, and with that I got a second site on which I had to propose something similar. Given that the sites are almost connected, the buildings had to have at least the same concept. So the second idea was to use a different material for the facade.

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Shanghai – Weeks 07-12

This week`s entry is about the newly announced Leica gear, and about what I have been doing here the past weeks. To be honest, not much! I`m actually enjoying going to the office in the morning. There are plenty of things to keep me busy throughout the day, and I finally get the feeling that I`m accomplishing something. Last week two of my projects went in to the construction detailing stage, now all I have to do is to refrain from spanking the landscape “architects” and their undying need to modify perfectly good designs. 😀

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Shanghai – Week 06

Enough with the introduction, but just in case you liked the last week`s entry (with the street pictures and all) just know that I`m gathering more material for another entry in the weeks to come. So if you`re here for “up-skirts, pantyhose, boobies, long legs, Asian, school-girls” or any other weird search-word … move along, there`s nothing of this sort here … this week! 😛

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Shanghai – Week 04

The day we got here, the strawberry picking season started. Anyone could just go on the outskirts of town, pick their own strawberries and pay for them right there one the farmer`s field. It`s way cheaper than buying from the supermarket and you can get the best ones. The taste is not as strong and full of vitamin C as what I have ate throughout the years at my grandparents but they are good and quench one`s thirst really fast.

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Shanghai – Week 02

The first day I was supposed to get to work at 10:00 for the orientation. At 9:20 I got out of the subway station and I was on to work. I had the address written down on a piece of paper, in Chinese and I had full trust invested in the Google Maps solution to my problem. So with those two in hand … what could go wrong?
Well … for starters … EVERYTHING.

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Morning Glory – Olivia

As you probably know Europe was under a massive snow storm. We (in Bucharest) got hit pretty hard, and we had to stay in the comfort of our apartments for a few days. That was fine by me because I took advantage of the overcast and shot with beautiful window light for almost 5 hours. I was actually happy that I only took one strobe out of the bag, and I only used it on a couple of photos.

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New Website Facelift

For the past 4-5 years I`ve tried to showcase my work in almost all the ways possible.

I`ve started with a Blog on (Google owned), which worked fine until I managed to wipe every photo off, just by deleting some Picasa albums. Eventually I had everything back on, but wanted a place of my own.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Photography

Thankfully I got this game as a birthday present and it came in Digital Deluxe Edition. Among the perks of this Deluxe edition there was a “in-game” photo camera. Nothing fancy, just a script that takes the HUD (head up display) out of the way, and moves the viewpoint to your character`s level. But it was all I needed to take some pictures in the game … not to get out of shape. 🙂

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The Supersampler

Today I`ll tell you a few things about a toy that`s really fun to use.

The Supersampler!

It`s a Lomography camera with 4 lenses and each lens exposes 1/4 of the frame. The lenses have individual shutters and the camera has 2 shooting modes: Instant Shutter (4 exposures in 0.2s) or Delayed Shutter (4 exposures in 2s).

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I miss my Leica M

For the last couple of days my main concerns were: “Hope I didn`t screw the Rodinal quantity!” “Are the 12min done already?” “Did I agitate properly?” And it was fun. I kinda needed those smells back in my life, like a kid that smells new books on the first day of school.