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New Website Facelift

For the past 4-5 years I`ve tried to showcase my work in almost all the ways possible.

I`ve started with a Blog on (Google owned), which worked fine until I managed to wipe every photo off, just by deleting some Picasa albums. Eventually I had everything back on, but wanted a place of my own.

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2nd Freebies Friday Entry

Hi folks, As I promised last week, this Friday I`m giving away 6 sunset iPhone 4 wallpapers. If you like`em, spread the word. I`m not making money off this blog so it doesn`t matter how many people actually see this, but the more, the merrier. If allot of people like the stuff I post here, is enough to keep me doing what…

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Freebies Friday

Hi folks, Yesterday`s wallpapers were just scratching the surface, and because they raised so much interest, I`m thinking of starting a design freebies Friday. So, if you like what you`re getting for free, and you want to spread the word … feel free to do that. If you`re thinking of twitting about this ad #followfriday, this way more and more…