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I miss my Leica M

Finally got some spare time on my hands and instead of catching up on games or books that I`ve put aside, I`m catching up on some films that I exposed more than a year ago, but never developed.

For the last couple of days my main concerns were: “Hope I didn`t screw the Rodinal quantity!” “Are the 12min done already?” “Did I agitate properly?” And it was fun. I kinda needed those smells back in my life, like a kid that smells new books on the first day of school.

When that was done my living-room looked like a scene from a horror movie with things hanging from the ceiling. While on webcam, one friend asked me why I needed so much fly-paper in December. I giggled.

The fun part was over, and like a good party, next the hangover kicks in. As much as I love shooting film, I hate to scan it. It`s the most boring part of all, and if the film of choice is a positive film shot at night, there`s a big chance the scanner won`t know where to crop the frames, and thus it becomes a power-struggle between me and the flatbed. Let`s see who has the bigger ego. Until now the scanner won hands-down!

So to make things a little easier to manage I borrowed an Epson V500 flatbed scanner from Radu (@GreyWolfPhoto) and started the painful job of digitizing my film-strips. I was so impressed with the scan quality (compared to previous attempts) that I decided to go ahead and scan ALL my Leica exposed films (+- another 25).


After shooting a whole year only with a Leica M6 and a 35/1.4, and then suddenly taking a break for more than 1 year and not thinking about the exposed films in the fridge, I should now have a different view on  the final result. One could think I should be overcritical and throw away 98% of the pictures for not being sharp enough or in focus etc. But the truth is, even with the film grain, the dust and scratches, the wrong focus and what-not … I still find my film pictures better than the digital counterparts.

Going through 36 frames is like remembering that whole day. Going through 400 pictures shot on digital doesn`t even come close. I`ve shot pictures a week ago that I already forgot, but the ones shot on this film rangefinder will stay with me for a long time.

I am looking forward to the day I`ll get a Leica M to go with me `till the end.

I miss my Leica…

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