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New Website Facelift

Hi there,

For the past 4-5 years I`ve tried to showcase my work in almost all the ways possible.

I`ve started with a Blog on (Google owned), which worked fine until I managed to wipe every photo off, just by deleting some Picasa albums. Eventually I had everything back on, but wanted a place of my own.

I bought a domain and the hosting and moved to a new home with a brand spanking blog under the WordPress platform. But I still wanted to showoff my favorite pictures…

By that time I had the designer fever and wanted to do everything myself so I drew what was going to become my first website. Not only my first website but actually my first design / written code. It was the first time I knew I can make money off the principles taught in school.

The first sketch looked like this and the next picture is what stayed on the server for a whole year.

By the time I felt the need to face-lift the website, I was already at the 3rd iteration of the blog. Felt I had it in me, so I drew the 2nd skin the website was going to have. Matched it with the blog theme at the time.

The more architecture you ingest, the less stuff you want to put in your projects, so the next trend was to go with “less is more”.

And now for 2012 “less is more” is not enough. I measured every button, every indent, every space … so that the website will have more usability. I even added a horizontal scroll that can be used with the normal scroll of the mouse! How cool is that !!! And all that … on the iOS and Android devices too. And Internet Explorer (although there might be something more to iron out for it) … for those 12% unlucky IE users. We heard `ya!

And I couldn`t have done it without the help of best friend Seth who debugged the sh*t out of pages and pages of pathetic written code all these years. 10x bro`!

So if it`s February 1st 2012 (or later) follow the link to the website.

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