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Shanghai – Week 05

After 4 weeks of constant whining I`m pretty sure everyone wants to hear good stuff about China and about what I`m doing here.

I have two topics that I will address in this week`s rant.

1. Perks of working in a big company.
2. Perks of traveling to “slim fit” country

So let`s start with the first one:

Sports and other activities:

On my first day at the office my boss gave me some sort of a tour around the complex. (we`ll call it an orientation but it wasn`t as elaborate). So at 12:00 he said … “let`s go to lunch!”. OK, I got up from my computer, checked to see if I have the wallet on me and followed everybody out of the office to the next building.

While walking up the stairs to the red building (next to our green building) he said “We get free lunch and dinner at 12:00 and 17:30, but it`s not the best food in the world”. “Right ON!” After lunch he showed me the chill-out area. One floor with a pool table, two ping-pong tables, a darts board and 4-6 tables for mahjong or poker. We can only use this area during our lunch break or after work hours. Fine by me, I said.

That first day I went to the ping-pong tables, and everyone was over-friendly wanting to play against me (at first), just to see if I can play or not.

I can play! And, just like everyone else, I have my good days and my bad days; it just happened to be a “good day” at that time and I caught them by surprise. 🙂

Here everyone plays ping-pong. I think it`s something that you have to do to prove your family that you deserve college money or something! (I`m joking, of course, but I haven`t seen anyone not knowing how to do it)

I kept going there almost daily for 30 minutes to stretch my arms and legs. At first I was wining, then they called-in reinforcements and the new guys got medieval on my ass. I have never seen anyone play like that in my entire life. Curved balls that feel like they have a mind of their own; the backhand is deadly most of the times (I guess they practice that way more than regular stance) and not to mention alternating top-spin and back-spin with ease. Disturbing, to say the least! 🙂

The good thing about playing against better players is that I hone my skills at a rapid pace, and I`m loving it! (McDonald`s)

The 3rd week a package got to our office front desk; my boss opened it and threw me a bag from inside. It was my new basketball equipment.

“You`re playing tomorrow!”
“What? How come!?”
“Don`t worry, they have girls playing in the other team; you`ll be fine!”

I haven`t played in 6 years but hey … I guess I can remember the basics overnight.

And that`s the only thing that I remembered. :)) Because I was kinda lame, and after 20 minutes they ACTUALLY assigned me to defend a girl for the rest of the match. OK, no hard feelings … I`ll get better!

And if I`ll have time I`ll be able to join the swimming team on Fridays or attend dancing classes on Fridays and Saturdays.

I love the fact that we have so many possibilities; Too bad everyone is working extra hours almost everyday.

That reminds me about an article I read on Lifehacker

Why “We need to work extra hours” is almost always a bad idea

And on this bombshell I`m moving to the next chapter!

“Slim Fit” Sunrise:

I do love this city because everyone is slim and they all look healthy. Everywhere I look, people try to express themselves through fashion and most of the times they actually nail the outfits.

I`m not saying that everyone should be on the cover of Vogue. No. But they do try to follow the trends and the good part is that all the clothes JUST FIT! Rarely I`ve seen someone burst out of what they are wearing.

But the best feature – LEGS

If you`ve got a pair … show them! I think they teach this in school or something. Because everyone is rather short here, women tend to wear high-heels or platforms. Both acceptable in my opinion unless they are designed by Willy Wonka or Pikachu. In which case … we have a problem! But most of them stick by what is known to be “sexy as hell” – the stilettos.

Can`t go wrong with that!

And they pair the stilettos with (usually) a short skirt or very short pants. I do love the combination and it works best if you have beautiful long legs. (skinny legs are not beautiful, and we have seen plenty of those too) 😛

This “long legs” craving is solved by putting on a shorter skirt or even shorter pants. Works all the time.

In between these two articles (pants and stilettos) there`s usually an area (leggings or stockings) where they can go wild!

I`ve never thought about all the design possibilities and the Shanghai experience was an eye-opener for me. Striped, wrinkled, cut, teared, dark, light, gradient and all of the above combined … they attract attention, and if that`s what they want, then it works flawlessly.

And the switch from heavy thick clothes to the mini-skirt and stilettos happened in a weekend.

That`s when we figured out that spring / summer is knocking on the door.

And for every picture I took, there were 15 other gorgeous women that I missed. So, I`m sorry I “couln`t catch`em all”.

Make sure to check the Picasa Album for more pictures from this series and other street shots. You can also leave individual comments there in case the Facebook comment system frightens you. 😛

See you next week!

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