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January 28, 2012

Hi guys,

For the past month I`ve dedicated my time to my first MMORPG – Star Wars: The Old Republic (I skipped World of Warcraft due to 6 years of college that needed my undivided attention). It`s kinda self explanatory that I`m enjoying it a lot. (I have 12 full days of playtime already)

Thankfully I got this game as a birthday present and it came in Digital Deluxe Edition. Among the perks of this Deluxe edition there was a “in-game” photo camera. Nothing fancy, just a script that takes the HUD (head up display) out of the way, and moves the viewpoint to your character`s level. But it was all I needed to take some pictures in the game … not to get out of shape. :)

The first screen captures sucked because I was limited to the field of view imposed by the 1920×1200 screen resolution but soon I discovered that I can alter that if I switch to windowed mode and stretch the game on both my screens. This way the FOV was somewhere around 10-12mm on a full-frame camera. In some cases I even tried stitching 3-4 images to get better resolution or a higher vertical FOV. There`s not a single image without some sort of post-process done to them so these are not the actual colors in the game. (you`ve been warned!) :)

But enough about this, I`ll let you enjoy some of the planets the good guys at Bioware designed for us. (The images are slightly larger if you click on them – and you can navigate with the keyboard arrow keys)

P.S. If the good guys at BioWare somehow read this and care to make an add-on / mod with a more powerful camera (aperture control / shutter speed / field of view) I wouldn`t mind beta-testing the sh*t out of it. So please leave a message. :)

Dromund Kaas

Nar Shaddaa







I hope you liked the pictures. If you did, just know that the game is far better.
If you have suggestions, please leave them in the comment section bellow.

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