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The Supersampler


Today I`ll tell you a few things about a toy that`s really fun to use.

The Supersampler!

It`s a Lomography camera with 4 lenses and each lens exposes 1/4 of the frame. The lenses have individual shutters and the camera has 2 shooting modes: Instant Shutter (4 exposures in 0.2s) or Delayed Shutter (4 exposures in 2s).
I got this bad boy as a birthday present from my best-friend two years ago, and only managed to expose 1 roll. It`s fun but i`m a control freak so this camera will probably see 1 roll / year at most. 🙂
The good part is that you can`t go more low-maintenance than this. So for everyone looking for a Lomo camera. Go ahead and buy it. It comes with a big album full of insanely sick photos.

Samples? Sure, why not!?

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